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Bass Guitar Pickup Covers
>> Bass Guitar Parts > Bass Guitar Pickup Covers

If you're looking for plastic pickup covers and other pickup parts they are here.

Fender '51 P Bass Pickup Cover
Fender   Fender '51 Precision Bass or Telecaster Bass Pickup Cover
For the matching Fender '51 Bridge Cover, click here

003-3167-000   Chrome: $16.95  
Buy the Pickup Cover and Bridge Cover and save a buck :

Fender Vintage Precision Bass Pickup Cover

View Gold
Fender   Fender 4-String Precision Bass Pickup Cover
001-0116-070   Chrome: $14.95  
002-7718-000   Gold: $00.00  
For the matching Fender Precision Bass Bridge Covers, click here.

Fender Jazz Bass Pickup Cover
Fender   Fender 4-String Jazz Bass Pickup Cover
Mounting screw holes are 4-3/4" center-to-center.

001-0660-090   Chrome: $16.95  

Fender 5-String Jazz Bass Pickup Cover
Fender   Fender 5-String Jazz Bass Pickup Cover
Genuine Fender Jazz Bass replacement pickup cover as found on Marcus Miller Signature and other 5 string basses.

005-9134-000   Chrome: $19.95  

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>> Bass Guitar Parts > Bass Guitar Pickup Covers

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