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Fender 4-String Jazz Bass Kit
>> Bass Kits > Fender 4-String Jazz Bass Kit #1

Jazz Bass Kit #1

Jazz Bass

Jazz Bass Body
Jazz Bass Body - Alder - Black Finish
Bridge holes are not drilled due to the large variety of bridge designs.
WD Music Price: $300 -|- Separate Price: $260 -|- Kit Price: $190

Fender Maple Jazz Bass Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
Extended 21 fret board, 12" radius, double action truss rod, clear satin finish. Nut width: 1-1/2", Heel width: 2.475", Tuner holes: .6725"
WD Music Price: $275 -|- Separate Price: $160 -|- Kit Price: $145

Vintage Fender Bass Guitar Tuning Machines - Nickel
Replacement tuners for Fender basses. Includes bushings and screws.
WD Music Price: $120 -|- Separate Price: $80 -|- Kit Price: $65

Prewired Jazz Bass Pickguard with Kent Armstrong Pickups
They're completely wired using solderless connectors and ready to install.
WD Music Price: $213 -|- Separate Price: $128 -|- Kit Price: $115

OEM Deluxe 4-String Bass Bridge - Steel with brass saddles
Bridge dimensions are 3.15 inches by 2.08 inches. String spacing is 0.75 inches, and string spread is 2.25 inches. Screw spacing is 0.69 inches. Comes with screws and allen wrench.
WD Music Price: $66 -|- Separate Price: $43 -|- Kit Price: $35

Fender Original 7150's Bass Strings - Medium - 45 65 85 105
Pure Nickel Roundwound Bass Strings - these have that warm, full tone.
Separate Price: $20 -|- Kit Price: $18

Schaller Strap Locks - Nickel       Separate Price: $20 -|- Kit Price: $15

String Retainer, all Kit Screws, Copper Foil Shielding
All these items are included Free
Separate Total: $711 -|- Kit Price Sub-Total: $663.00

And these prices don't include the seperate Shipping charges~!

Of course, you could just buy the Fender bass for $599.99

But then you'd have to disassemble the bass to shield the cavities, then buy a high mass bridge and then reassemble it. But what's the fun in that~? You want this kit to build one yourself. You'll learn all about setting up the entire bass just the way you like it. You can make sure the frets are level, etc.

Buy the Fender Jazz Kit: $583.00 How to Pay
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