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Welcome to Buzzard's Bass Guitar Shop

Are you tired of going to guitar shop after guitar shop and seeing a minimal amount of basses and
bass guitar products? Well, I got sick and tired of it to the point I started this site several years ago.
It's my intention to provide you, not only with discounts on your bass parts, but I'll be saving you substantial shipping costs too by you not having to buy your parts from different sources~!

Bass Guitar Services & Upgrades .   The more you have done the more you'll save~!
For custom or upgraded bass guitars, I cater to do-it-yourselfers as well as providing you the option of having me do it for you. Upgrades far exceed those offered through Fender, SX, etc. . . PLUS, you'll receive near wholesale pricing on whatever parts are included in your project.

Buy any bass guitar or bass package and I'll perform upgrades and setup procedures and then ship it to you anywhere in this country, 100% buzz free, stage ready to play~! Many traveling bassists need and receive my tech service . . . how about you~?

In The Workshop
View completed customers' bass guitars and other projects underway which not only keep you up to date but illustrate many how-to procedures along with some pricing examples for typical services and upgrades. Customers receive their own page with a daily journal type of worksheet describing updates to parts and labor.

Bass Guitars
One of a kind customs might include any type of bass. It could be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 string with many options . . . or buy a bass guitar and some gear available through affiliated music shops like Amazon Instruments, Rondo Music, zZounds, and others.

Bass Guitar Parts
Bodies, Necks, Fingerboards, Bindings, Inlays, Dots, Bridges, Saddles, Tailpieces, Bridge Covers, Cavity Covers, Control Plates, Control Knobs, Jack Plates, String Nuts, Neck Plates, Fret Wire, Pickguards, Pickup Rings, Pickup Covers, Screws, Springs, Strings, Thumb Rests, Truss Rods, Tuning Machines . . .

Bass Guitar Electronics
Bass Amplifiers, Effects & Multi-Effects, Cables, Tuners, Potentiometers, Capacitors, Switches, Jacks, Wiring & Soldering Supplies, Shielding Supplies, Pre-Wired Harness Assemblies, Wiring Components, Wiring Diagrams, Wireless Bass Guitar Systems . . .

Bass Guitar Amplification
Bass Heads, Stacks, Cabinets, Amp Speakers, Combo Amps, Headphone Amps, Practice Amps, Hearing Protection, Sound Suppression . . .

Bass Guitar Cases & Gig Bags
Acoustic Bass Cases, Electric Bass Cases, Custom Bass Cases, Gig Bags.

Bass Guitar Accessories
Bass Guitar Cables, Straps, Strings, Tuners, Cleaning Supplies, Maintenance Tools, Picks, etc.

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Screaming Stone - The Stolen Music Instrument Recovery Project
Stolen Music Instrument Recovery Project

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